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Michael Bilsborough, Vapor Trail. 2010

Visited the studio of artist Michael Bilsborough, with Radiant Mayhem. A disarmingly kind person, Michael’s process is as exacting as it is imaginative.

Particularly memorable: A stunning large drawing had just been returned to Michael’s studio from a gallery—a drawing so big it had to be done in parts. A drawing so big it could only fit on the floor. To enter into Michael’s studio, he had to lay out some heavy cardboard (over the drawing) for us to step on. But we managed nicely!


Andres Serrano, SHIT (Hieronymus Bosch shit). C-print, 2008. Image © Andres Serrano / Yvon Lambert.

Visited the studio of photographer Andres Serrano, with Radiant Mayhem. This artist has inspired me for years. Why? Because his work is never boring.

Particularly memorable: Something he said really stood out to me, and I’m loosely paraphrasing, but AS said something like “my whole thing is being where I’m not supposed to be”; and this was in reference to choosing his photographic themes.  Outsiders make the best insiders, right?

Zefrey Throwell, Entropy Symphony Movement One, May 27, 2010. Performance at the Whitney Museum of Art. Video still by Aaron Garson.

Visited the studio of performance artist and painter Zefrey Throwell, with Radiant Mayhem. Amazing. Zefrey has been developing work that challenges the specificity and authoritarian rigidity of public spaces.

Particularly memorable: Zefrey taking a group photo of us, then casually chomping on a large bar of chocolate, as though his body is super-powered by chocolate rather than oxygen. There’s just no kryptonite in sight for Zefrey, nothing stops him.

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