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Tara Donovan

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David Wojnarowicz by Tom Warren, 1983.

Fortunately, I was able to attend a recent ICP Panel dedicated to the recent controversy over David Wojnarowicz’s Fire In My Belly. Although I found the discussion illuminating—I learned so much about the back story surrounding this media event—I did walk away feeling a most uneasy of sorrows. Perhaps it was seeing footage of the Mexican Day of the Dead. It’s part of the video, but seeing that with a full room of people who most likely know at least one person who is HIV positive or has passed away from AIDS…seeing that footage in public, with others around was a totally different experience than seeing it on my computer, outraged at this whole thing.  I realized that although censorship has robbed a museum audience of that public but touching ability to connect on this piece, its experience has been made all the more intense. That is one good thing to come out of all this: more people are seeing it, thinking, debating, learning. And hopefully, progressing.

Anyway, I wrote a little something about it,  David Wojnarowicz: Convenient Misinterpretations.

Wanda Ewing, Déjeuner Avec Mes Amis, 2000. Lithograph, 28" x 30".

Wanda Ewing is an artist from Omaha who I met this past summer, at a lecture about her work. This month, I interviewed Wanda. We talked about race, body image, feminism, art history, and end with an inquiry into the fundamentalist politics of gender: the conservative outrage behind David Wojnarowicz’s Fire in My Belly being pulled from a museum show, would it be the same if it were a video of the Virgin Mary’s body covered in ants?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I like interpretations of this painting.

Michael Bilsborough, Vapor Trail. 2010

Visited the studio of artist Michael Bilsborough, with Radiant Mayhem. A disarmingly kind person, Michael’s process is as exacting as it is imaginative.

Particularly memorable: A stunning large drawing had just been returned to Michael’s studio from a gallery—a drawing so big it had to be done in parts. A drawing so big it could only fit on the floor. To enter into Michael’s studio, he had to lay out some heavy cardboard (over the drawing) for us to step on. But we managed nicely!

Jorge Queiroz, Untitled, 2010. Pencil, color pencil, gouache and oil pastel on paper, 67 x 57.125 inches; 170.2 x 145.1 cm

Crystal Gregory, For Jane, 2010. Drywall, 2 x 4, screws, 10’ x 10’. Photograph by Amber Gregory.

Continue reading: my interview with Crystal Gregory discussing her creative process, published on Velvet Park Media.

Pipilotti Rist, Massachusetts Chandelier

Pipilotti Rist, Massachusetts Chandelier, 2010. Installation view Luhring Augustine, New York. Two projections on chandelier of previously worn and cleaned underpants, 2 players, one translucent light bulb. Unique, 98 1/2 x 66 inches.

My review of the show, published on Velvet Park Media.

Zefrey Throwell, Entropy Symphony Movement One, May 27, 2010. Performance at the Whitney Museum of Art. Video still by Aaron Garson.

Visited the studio of performance artist and painter Zefrey Throwell, with Radiant Mayhem. Amazing. Zefrey has been developing work that challenges the specificity and authoritarian rigidity of public spaces.

Particularly memorable: Zefrey taking a group photo of us, then casually chomping on a large bar of chocolate, as though his body is super-powered by chocolate rather than oxygen. There’s just no kryptonite in sight for Zefrey, nothing stops him.

Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose, "Wall of Pain", 1981-1992. Photographs and hypodermic needles, 132 x 168 in.

Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose, "Wall of Pain", 1981-1992. Photographs and hypodermic needles, 132 x 168 in.

Read my review of this show, published on Velvet Park Media.

Teresa Ascencao's Euphoric Femme project. 2009, 2010.

Euphoric Femme, 2009. Co-creators: Augusta Shaw, Andrea Luxton, Aurora King, Jess MG, Teresa Ascencao (amongst other not listed).

See close-ups of images, and read  my take on this ambitious project.

Dangerous Beauty at the Chelsea Art Museum

Heaven is a place on earth
Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm 2006
Size: 897 x 681,5 cm
Bathroomscales and aluminium
Photo: Bonniers Konsthall

Margi Geerlinks, “Geppeto” 2000

Nicola Constantino, Savon de Corps is a luxury cosmetic item. It consists in a multiple of 100 bars of soap with 3 per cent of the artist’s body fat. This adipose tissue (amounting to two kilograms) was obtained from a liposuction to which Costantino submitted herself for this project.

Erwin Olaf
Le Dernier Cri,
Photo/Video installation, 2006
Flatland Gallery

“Bhutan: A Certain Modernity,” Serena Chopra @ Sundaram Tagore Gallery,

From the Medium to the Message (Larry Silver) at the Silverstein Photography at 535 W 24th St

European Personal Journalism (Brassai, Bill Brandt, Edouard …)at the Alan Klotz Gallery at 511 W 25th St
The second decade of the 20th Century saw, in Photography, a turning away from the painterly romanticism of Pictorialism in favor of the more objective view of the group f64 (in the U.S.), and in Europe a more reportorial study of the bohemian life.

James Bidgood: Photographs from the 1960s (James Bidgood) ClampArt at 521 W 25th St
ClampArt is very pleased to announce “James Bidgood: Photographs from the 1960s.” A stylistic precursor of such artists as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Pierre et Gilles, and David LaChappell, James Bidgood revolutionized gay erotic imagery. Bidgood…

My favourite work from the Guggenheim’s “Body and Soul” exhibition, featuring emerging Brazilian artists.

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