Artforum's Summer 2010 issue brings together contemporary architects, artists, curators, museum directors, and theorists on their expectations of the museum as an art space in contemporary context and beyond.

“Visual culture has changed. As a gallery director and soon a museum director, I am adapting to this new audience and the artists who come out of it.” —Jeffrey Deitch, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

“I have a feeling that, like radioactive matter, there might be a half-life for the relevance of certain types of space and the art they promote.” —Rem Koolhaas

“As public institutions museums have lost much of their mediatory power and…privileged position in defining what we understand to be culture…There is therefore a pressing need to invent new models.” —Manuel Borja-Villel, Director, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid

“The museum—far from being an institution to be deserted posthaste—is a crucial site of political contestation.” —Chantal Mouffe