A fig, on a cube of Tofu, on a cut of salmon. Remember that Irving Penn photograph for Vogue magazine? Because I’ve been researching British photography, I came across an image in Elle magazine of a lemon squeezer in the shape of a spider, a Phillipe Stark piece de résistance evocative of Louise Bourgeois. It was an innovatively styled photograph, graphic and strong. It was by Matthew Shave, a portfolio I bookmarked a while ago, but haven’t seen in a long time. I revisited and, much to my delight:

Matthew Shave Still Life

Matthew Shave \


Driven by wit and well-executed with a sophisticated sense of conceptual integration, these images are great examples of evocative textural contrasts. Matthew Shave has a great sense of gestural wit. Refreshing…

Oh, and that previously classic: the fig, the Tofu cube, the salmon, and the photographic sarabande they together create can be found in the book Still Life : Irving Penn Photographs, 1938-2000, which is in itself an important landmark in the momentum of still-life photography.