“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”
– Charles R. Swindoll

Is this really enough of an equation to encapsulate an improved approach to the events, big and small, in our lives? This 10/90 rule focuses on reaction; 90% reaction to a 10% action.

But what happens between action and reaction?

That’s the important part. There’s no room in this analogy for that which converts the perception of those 10% into 90% reaction. The equation needs to include this critical stage, the conversion process. So now we have: Life is 10% what happens in the world, x% of how you perceive it and x% of how you react to it. However, now that we have an action and a perception of this action, we’re no longer merely reacting. We’re building an intelligent response to the initial action. That’s much more valuable than reacting. So, my final equation is:

“Life is 10% what happens in the world, 50% of how you perceive it and 40% proactive effort.”

There. Isn’t that better? Doesn’t that make more sense? It does to me! And yes, you can quote me on that. (Should I be so lucky…)