I’ve been a admirer of Nick Knight’s technique and approach since I first saw his photographs in the early 90’s. Knight’s work still amazes me, especially in these. They’re clean, strong and powerful and make a statement on the perseverance of the human spirit.

Stunning. In every way.

I know this is a literal reference, but I do also think of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster series. Not just because Aimee Mullins’ crystal prosthetics are a prominent character in themselves in the Cremaster, but because of the infinite possibilities that discipline brings to the human form, and subsequently: the spirit. Dazed and Confused featured super athlete Aimee Mullins on its cover in the September 1998 issue, in this very photograph (above, right) photographed by Nick Knight. (Mr Hack, we need more publishers like you.) A decade later, the image is still fresh and resonant.